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The Tahoe Home Design Blog

Choosing Kitchen Appliances: The Range

Every working kitchen needs a functioning oven and stovetop, but trying to pick one out can be overwhelming! There are so many different styles, sizes, installation methods, and of course the biggest debate: gas versus electric.

The best way to …

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Design Trends: Home Offices

With modern tools such as the Internet and computers, more and more people are transitioning from the traditional work place to being able to work remotely. For many, this means a morning commute from their bedroom to their designated workstation …

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Going Green For Your Home Remodel


Making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly is one of many reasons your home may need an upgrade. Just in the last few years, new products have become available that reduce water and energy usage, better insulate, and …

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Remodeling for a Healthy Home

As we continue to progress in science and medicine, our society is learning more and more about all the micro-particles that can make us sick. In the construction industry, we are trying to apply these scientific discoveries when building or …

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Asbestos, Your Home, and You

In the mid 19th century, builders and manufacturers thought they had found the ultimate material: asbestos. These naturally occurring silicate minerals had unbeatable physical properties. It could absorb sound and resist heat, fire, and electrical and chemical damage. It …

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Keeping you Garage Clean


Have you ever spent all afternoon cleaning and organizing your garage, but the big oil, dirt, and salt stains on the floor still make the room feel dirty, no matter how hard you scrub? Yeah, we have experienced that too, …

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