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The Tahoe Home Design Blog

Design Trends: Ideas for a Modern Bathroom

In the past, bathrooms served as a small, functional room. Design trends today, however, are giving this utilitarian space more character. More and more, bathrooms are becoming rooms of luxury and sensory experiences, while embracing eco-friendly practices.

Today’s sensory stimulating …

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Kitchen Lighting Considerations

A lack of good lighting is a common problem in kitchens, as well as other areas of the home. One major consideration when doing a kitchen remodel should be lighting. Lighting options have a come a long way over the …

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Aging-in-Place Home Design

With the population of baby boomers expanding it’s important to create sustainable aging-in-place interiors for them to be able to spend their retirement.  Boomers will be able to live in their own healthy home for a much longer period of …

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Tahoe Home Design and Work Life

The lines between home and work are blurring, and as a result, interior design is evolving to accommodate the ever evolving workplace.  There are new challenges and design aspects that must be considered and to support the new ways people …

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