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Tahoe Home Design and Work Life

The lines between home and work are blurring, and as a result, interior design is evolving to accommodate the ever evolving workplace.  There are new challenges and design aspects that must be considered and to support the new ways people are living their everyday life.

Many companies are now including spaces and amenities meant to bring some comforts from home to the office.  Traditionally when people would speak about their office, they would use terms related to efficiency and functionality.  Now different vocabulary is starting to be used when describing the modern workplace to elevate it from a functional environment to one that is praised and celebrated. People want work spaces that inspire, connect, energize and excite.

Many companies understand that great design can provide function, inspiration, performance and experience.

Another aspect that is affecting modern home and workplace office design is telecommuting.  With advancements in technology, telecommuting has become an appealing option for employers as well as employees.  It is cheaper for employers and it offers more flexibility to employees, which can make them more productive.

At the workplace, telecommuting means fluctuations in office staff, which creates a need for more space to be allocated to common areas, meeting rooms, and collaborative work zones where people can meet and share ideas and less space is allocated to individual work zones.

At home, the office design needs to be efficient, but with new modern way of thinking. Incorporating technology-driven items is important in meeting the challenges they face in our rapidly changing technological world.