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Choosing The Best Sink for Your New Bathroom

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A sink is an essential part of any bathroom, but with all they different styles to choose from, the one you pick can be an important factor in the overall space and theme of your bathroom. First think about the size of your space, if you want cabinets or not, and if your bathroom will have a modern or classical feel to it.

Here are some common bathroom sink options:

Drop-in sinks have a bowl that dips beneath the counter with the rim resting on the counter top. Under mount sinks are similar, except the rim is beneath the countertop surface. This flush surface makes for easy cleaning. Vessel sinks have a bowl that sits directly on the counter top, with the basin higher then the counter. These sinks make a bolder, more modern statement in one’s bathroom. Pedestal and wall hung sinks are all countertop-free, self-contained units that take up little or no floor space. Pedestal sinks feature a wide basin and narrow base, and sit directly on the floor, hiding any plumbing inside its body, compared with wall-hung sinks, which mount directly to the wall.

Keep these different styles in mind when choosing the best sink for your bathroom.