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Design Trends: Ideas for a Modern Bathroom

In the past, bathrooms served as a small, functional room. Design trends today, however, are giving this utilitarian space more character. More and more, bathrooms are becoming rooms of luxury and sensory experiences, while embracing eco-friendly practices.

Today’s sensory stimulating bathroom features a multi-head shower, heated floor, adjustable lighting, and a built-in sound system. These features make the bathroom a room of relaxation.

Homeowners are also becoming aware of the environmental impact of the high water usage in bathrooms. To minimize this, there is a trend in installing new features to minimize water usage, while still retaining style and practicality. Low-flow toilets offer a half-flush option, while hands free faucets uses sensors to automatically turn on and off, as water is needed.

With these ideas on what a bathroom can be in mind, Alpine Custom Interiors can help you modernize yours into a place that will offer comfort and serenity, in addition to adding value to your home.